Terry Hinkle

Mixed Media

I have been creating art since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I received my Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Editorial Art from the University of Kansas. After graduation, I began my career as a commercial artist, illustrator, and designer quickly moving to the creative business of advertising, promotion, and marketing as an art director/creative director.


All of the years in business I felt so lucky to be paid for doing what came so naturally to me… creating. My business was also my hobby. I was able to have so much fun while accomplishing all of my creative and business dreams except one: being an abstract fine artist.


It has always been very easy for me to create an illustration that looks realistic. Figurative. Representational. Always starting with a pencil sketch, working through a design and concept, while planning what the final outcome will be. In the past however it was hard for me to look at a blank canvas, let go, and let the muse take me while letting my emotions dictate what happens, never knowing what the final outcome would be. Giving up control.


Now I have finally made the artistic leap that I have dreamed about since holding that first crayon. It took me a couple of years of practice to loosen up and “go with the flow”. I have never been so excited about my art and where it will lead me!




Everything in our world is made up of Energy. Not only are all of the things that we can see and touch in the world around us vibrating with Energy at a quantum level, but our thoughts, emotions and our intentions are all part of this dance of Energy. So, when I start to create a new work of art, I do a quick meditation to clear my mind of any “human” issues and create the positive physical and emotional Energy that then blends in harmony with the Energy that makes up the canvas, or wood, and paint. My intentions and higher Energy then transfers to the finished work. Many clients have told me that my work has a powerful effect on the feeling of the room in which it is displayed.

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