Steve Doan

Acrylic Painter


A Precarious Balance For The Abstract Painter


“Doan’s abstract paintings a precarious balance of abrupt explosions of uncontainable gestural energy and soothing, stabilizing structure, which seem to transcend the painterly marks that constitute it. The best abstract painting manages the doubleness with deceptive ease: this simultaneous sense of equilibrium and disequilibrium—not just ‘dynamic equilibrium’, as Kandinsky called it, but a double vision in which the picture seems a sum of disequilibrated parts that do not add up to a whole and an organically equilibrated whole that is more than the sum of any of its details. Indeed, it rises above them like a mirage of higher unity. Doan’s recent abstractions achieve this complex magic. Whether mimetic of abstract, it is the undercurrent of abstract, seemingly arbitrary vividness-willing intensity—that is Doan’s basic subject matter.”


Andrew Dunning,  Blue Sky Creative

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