Stone Soup Galleries

Resident Artist Agreement

• Artists are “juried” for Stone Soup Galleries, Resident Artist status. Apply through EntryThingy

  on the SSG site.

• SSG does not require that artists work in the Gallery, however Resident artists do contribute to

  the Gallery by paying a monthly fee plus commission on sales. These costs are much less for

  the artists who can contribute one shift per week in the Gallery (7 or 8 hours).


• Wall/shelf spaces are approximately 4’ x 8’.

• Jewelry case spaces (well-lit) are approximately 20” x 35”. Some shelf space for additional jewelry

  display is often, but not always available.


• Baseline Cost:

        o The baseline cost for wall/shelf space or jewelry space is $60 per month, plus 20%

           commission on sales.


        o The Artist who does NOT work the floor pays the baseline amount.

• Smokin’ hot deal:


        o Artists who work in the Gallery one day per week (12pm to 7/8pm) pay $30 per month plus

           5% commission on sales.

• SSG pays credit card fees.

• SSG has begun advertising in West St. Louis County and Chesterfield, and the artwork of the

  Resident artists may be used in Gallery promotion (with permission, of course).

New aggreement coming soon. For more details pls contact SSG @ 314.803.2085


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