Paint with Alcohol Ink

Date: 05/19/19  Sunday 10am to 3:30pm  or

          08/12/19  Monday 10am to 3:30pm

Instructor: Nancy Koehler


Phone:     314 795 6430

Web Site:

Tuition: $140 (includes kit)

Do love color?

Does it make you feel good?

Have you thought you would

really like to learn how to paint


Alcohol Inks can take you to a very fun place.

You need to be ready to suspend the need for perfection.

After you have learned to relax,  you can work to control the medium.

Quickie tutorial:


Apply blending Solution over the entire surface. This will allow the alcohol inks to flow easily and mix into each other without harsh outlines upon drying.


Add in your alcohol inks, using colors in the general regions that you want them. These dyes will mix with each other, creating ombre effects, with secondary and tertiary colors. You can pick up and move your surface to blend your inks in a more natural way. Or, use a brush, sponge, or

felt stamp to blend the different colors.

Dry completely. Use brushes or markers to paint or draw outlines in the foreground. Use the upper layers to create detail and dimension.



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