Marilyn M. Callahan

Pastel painter and sculptor



Often mistaken for watercolors, Marilyn’s pastel paintings clearly celebrate color. Her work resembles mosaics with contour lines extending beyond the subject and subdividing the negative space. The subtle color transitions marry reality with imagination, so that the subjects become an abstract rendering with natural implications. This technique was inspired by one of her second grade art students’ interpretation of an assignment. It’s thrilling to see how these very young minds can explore ideas without limitations. Marilyn also creates “wild” ceramic birds that one cannot help but comment, “They make me laugh.” Their poses and expressions inspire a sense of Pixar. The versatility of acrylic paint and the richness of glazes help to enhance the details and painterly surfaces. With a “sprinkling” of bling, a wisp of feathers, and a name that suits each critter, these Wild Birds can easily make you smile. As an elementary art teacher, Marilyn has the best job imaginable. She teaches students at Crestwood Elementary in the Lindbergh School District. “Nothing compares to a child’s fearlessness and passion for art.” After spending her early years working as a commercial artist and raising a family, she returned to academics to share the thrill of transforming ideas into reality. She shows her work at the Queeny Park Art Fair, as well as various galleries in the St. Louis area.


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