Lapidary Basic & Beyond

Date: June 12-13, 2019  or June 18-19  9am to 4pm 

Instructor: John F. Huesler G.G

Tuition: $350 plus $65

This is a basic class, but students will start from slabs of unpolished stone and create cabochons worthy of setting into jewelry. They will select from recommended shapes, then saw, refine, and polish until ready to set. Most importantly, the student will learn to cut properly shaped cabochons and learn why this knowledge is so important. 

Each session is scheduled from 9 to 4 each day, but class often runs over. No previous experience is required to benefit from this workshop. John will tailor instructions for each person and students are encouraged to repeat the class over time, to continuously build on skills developed previously.

Day 1                                                                

You will select your slab and cabochon shape, transfer the shape to the slab, and use the trim saw to cut it out. To begin refinement of the shape you will use a Genie Gem Maker to dome, all the while keeping the principles of correct cabochon proportions in mind.

Sawing and grinding on at least 2 different cabochons will be completed.


Day 2                                                               

Projects begun on Day 1 will be continued, with the addition of instruction concerning the more complicated concave sections. You will learn the use of a ring saw and tips to enable you to finish these more difficult shapes.

You will learn the different steps in polishing, and learn to choose the optimum compounds for polishing a given mineral.

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