Negative Painting for Watercolorist Simplified

Date: 07/10/19 - 07/11/19  Wednesday & Thursday 9am to 4pm 

Instructor:Janine Helton


Phone:     314.956.4740

Web Site:

Tuition: $200

*Some experience in watercolor is required. *Class size limited to 12 students, with a minimum of 6 students needed to hold the class. Upon registration, Janine will contact you with a supply list and further information.


Still have trouble grasping the concept of negative painting? Then this 2-day watercolor workshop is for you! You will learn to paint the space “around” things, rather than painting the “things” themselves. Create glowing blooms, foliage, and layers of depth through multiple glazes.

Day 1:                                                               

Negative painting is a difficult concept to

master in that it is contrary to the way we

naturally see things. You will learn exactly

what negative painting is (and why it's a good

skill to have) through explanations,

examples, demonstrations and practice.

Day 2:                                                               

The emphasis will be on skill development with more demonstrations and lots of painting practice with one-on-one assistance. Negative painting is a layered technique which requires drying time between glazes, so you may work on two paintings at once if desired. Paper will be provided.



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