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Herbert J. Gralnick always knew he wanted to be an artist, and has devoted his life to the pursuit of his passion.  Of his art, he writes:  I love the magic and fantasy of life and the magic and fantasies which occur as I put my feelings and images on canvas. I paint those experiences that reflect the “known”(and explorations of the “unknown”) as a symbolic metaphor with the figure at the center of my ideas.  The paradox in what I say here is that my art is a pursuit of and a statement about "reality" as I see, feel, live, and invent it.  This is my way to codify - as well as to expand - my own visual ideas.” 


Mr. Gralnick earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis, as well a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and The Art Academy.  Certified in Secondary Level and Art Education, he taught at Webster University in St. Louis, then accepted an offer to chair the art department at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  He was later invited to become Chairman of the Art Department/Artist in Residence at the College of White Plains/Pace University, and Adjunct Professor to Empire State College/State University of New York.


His art is in more than 200 private collections throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, England, Israel and Mexico.  Pieces are included in the collections of a dozen universities, several foreign embassies, and the Saint Louis Art Museum as well.


Mr. Gralnick has been a contributing writer and art critic for a number of publications, including ARTnews Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, The St. Louis Globe Democrat Newspaper, The St. Louis Jewish Light Newspaper, and The Riverfront Times.


He resides with his wife, Rhoda, in St. Louis and enjoys the company of his three children and granddaughter.  His eldest daughter, Michelle I. Gralnick, serves as the curator of h. gralnick studios.


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