FAQ – Stone Soup Galleries


  • Are all artists local?

The artists are “regional”, which includes a large mid-section of the USA.


  • How old is the gallery?

SSG came into existence in March of 2012. It has grown since then, and we are always getting better.


  • Why was the gallery opened in the mall?

The Chesterfield Mall and Chesterfield Arts worked together to broker a program whereby certain spaces in the Mall could be made available for art studio/retail. This made it possible for the wider community of people coming to the Mall to meet friendly artists in a beautiful space. Visitors to the Gallery tell us all the time how refreshing it is to find art-for-the-soul at the Mall.


  • Do you ship artwork?

Oh, yes. We will ship to nearly anywhere in the world.


  • Do you offer framing?

No, we can no longer offer framing.


  • Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes. “Buy a Gift Certificate at Stone Soup Galleries. You will be a hero!”


  • Can I order artwork? I have something specific in mind and a budget to consider.

This is one of the beautiful things about buying from the artists of Stone Soup Galleries. All of us are ready to create just for you. And it’s easy. Just find an artist whose work resonates with you, and arrange a time to meet to discuss your project. This meeting can be face-to-face or virtual, using the technology of FaceTime or Skype. You can discuss things like budget right at the beginning so there is no stress about it.  Please give us adequate time to create, though. We want you to have the best that we can give, and it usually takes cool heads and calm planning.


  • Can you repair jewelry?

Yes, we can. Bring it in and we will discuss the options. On any given day there is usually a jewelry artist working in the Gallery. Sometimes we can even make simple repairs on the spot. We work with the top repair shops in the area so we can make arrangements for you.


  • Can I order a custom print?

Oh, yes! If the size we have isn’t perfect, the chances are excellent that we can make exactly what you need.


  • Can I try out artwork in my home before buying it?

Yes, we can arrange that. And if you want, the artist can often bring a number of pieces to your home that may not be on display in the Gallery.  But if you see something you’d like to take home to try, we can make it happen. If you would please, just let us know first. We get excited when our “babies” go to a new home, so it’s not essential, but it works out best that way.


  • Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take them all including ApplePay .


  • Do you have a shopping cart on your site?

We do NOT have a shopping cart on the site, but we would like to implement one in the near future. Is that something you would like to see? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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    2.   Call Stone Soup Galleries (314.803.2085)

    3.   Mail or drop off a check to Stone Soup Galleries 2004 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO 63017

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    4.   Call the instructor

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