Stone Soup Galleries Resident Artist Agreement


  • The Artists must be “regional” which means they live and work in Midwestern US.

  • Stone Soup Galleries is a place for artists to be successful with sales. Therefore:

    • We expect the artists of Stone Soup Galleries to actively engage in social media advertising, emailing, and possibly have customer street addresses for postcard advertising.

    • Resident artists are expected to attend and contribute party food to our Openings.

      • When it’s impossible to attend, send a check to Stone Soup Galleries in the amount of $15. If you know that you cannot ever attend, please make arrangements to pay in advance, (for example, quarterly). If you don’t contribute this aspect of running the gallery, after 3 failures to pay, your membership will be discontinued.

  • All juried artists contribute to the operation of Stone Soup Galleries.

    • $100 per month, or

    • $50 per month plus one day of work per week, or

    • $0 per month plus 2 days of work per week

    • There is a 20% commission on all sales. Those who work at least 8 hours per week will pay 10%.

    • All checks are written to Stone Soup Galleries by the first day of the month.

  • Display:

    • The space for 2-D is about 6 feet wide by 8 feet or so. This can vary.

    • 3-D exhibition space will be determined on an individual basis.

    • All sorts of possibilities for display will be considered, but the final decision is with the Owner.

  • When it is for the benefit of Stone Soup Galleries, the Owner reserves the right to remove anything from the showroom for any reason at all.

  • Payout is made by check.

    • In general, payout is made by the 10th of the following month. (Some rare exceptions to this may apply).

    • When art is being held for “lay away”, payout to the artist is not made until the last customer payment is made.

    • All credit card fees are paid by the Gallery.

    • Sales tax is collected and paid by the Gallery.

  • Any commissions resulting from exposure at Stone Soup Galleries are subject to the same commission schedule as art already appearing in the gallery.

  • Although these are extremely rare and every effort will be taken to avoid them, Stone Soup Galleries cannot be responsible for damage or theft. If you have concerns about this, please investigate procuring your own insurance.

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