Bob McClelland

Water Colorist

Watercolors is my medium of choice.

I used to work in oils, but they offer no surprises to the artist. They do what you tell them to do. No more. No less. Watercolor on the other hand is full of surprises. You don't control it, so much as you learn to dance with it. Unlike oils, watercolor has a mind of its own. As a result watercolors are a delight to the artist.Watercolors and I have been engaged in this dance for the last ten years, or so. I am a Signature member of the Missouri National Watercolor Society and the St. Louis Watercolor Society as well as a Juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands and the St. Louis Art Association.My work has been exhibited in Watercolor USA,

MOAK regional art exhibition, and Missouri National.

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